January 21, 2017

I Know I Shouldn’t Like This, But…

In the latest Talking Pictures podcast (subscribe), Kevin Smokler, special guest Justin Sondak, and myself discuss movies that defy our genre expectations. For example, I love me some action and plot, but some of my favorite movies are Lost in Translation, Once, and the Before trilogy, which lack those things in a big, bad way.

What movies do you like in spite of your genre preferences?

New Talking Pictures: Location, Location, Location

In the latest episode of  Talking Pictures, my podcast about movies with co-host Kevin Smokler, special guest (and good friend) Justin Sondak joins in a conversation about the varied uses of location in film. We recorded the podcast while visiting Justin in Chicago, itself the home of not a few flicks.

Locations seem to break down into various categories, which we discuss in the podcast, varying from the irrelevant to the crucial. My favorite uses of location usually come from Curtis Hanson, who tends to make location both a character and a thematic element in his films. The Pittsburgh of Wonder Boys, for example, shares a lot in common with the film’s protagonist, a once-great writer fallen on hard times.

It’s something I don’t think about much when I’m making or writing movies, often because I’m creating worlds from scratch or am limited to location by budget constraints, but I want to more. Location is an implicit consideration in my current project, as it is in the title, so maybe that will give me some practice.

What are some of your favorite uses of location in film?

New Talking Pictures and Pick 3

The latest episodes of Talking Pictures and Pick 3 are now up. In the latest Talking Pictures, Kev and I discuss how future generations will discover the back catalog of great films that we discovered in our youth (or if they will at all). Pick 3 covers a book, movie, and piece of music to celebrate spring. My pick, of course, is needlessly violent.

Share your stories below about how you discovered that there was actually a history to movies and how you like to celebrate spring via pop culture.

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