January 21, 2017

The Least Dangerous Game (1998)

Fun with waterguns in the sun.  A group of college students play the game “assassin.”

All Night Thing (2001)

A feature length film about a bunch of short stories that all happen in one night on a college campus.

Attack of the Bobbleheads (2003)

Bobbleheads attack.  What more do you need to know?

Do the Bobble Thing (2006)

A re-imagining of the racial epithet montage from Do the Right Thing—with bobbleheads. Plus, a message of love from our 16th president.

Rock Song (1991)

A feature length VHS doc about rock bands (including) mine at Friends School of Baltimore circa 1991. Edited on two VCR’s, baby!

Zoo JHU (1992)

A twenty-minute profile of life at Johns Hopkins University in the early 90’s. I swear it’s all true. More media coming soon.

The Least Dangerous Game (1997)

A short film about the game assassin. Like John Woo, but with waterguns. More media coming soon.